New event calls for improvement to prison safety and investigations into prisoner deaths

Parliamentarians and journalists were among those who attended an event aiming to increase prison safety, prompted by recent research from the University of Nottingham.  The research, led by Professor Philippa Tomczak in the School of Sociology, highlighted issues in prisoner safety, and recommended changes to investigations into prisoner deaths. Every year, hundreds of prisoners die inContinue reading “New event calls for improvement to prison safety and investigations into prisoner deaths”

Thinking Allowed, Radio 4 interview

Dr Philippa Tomczak is interviewed on Radio 4: Thinking Allowed, Prison protest: Laurie Taylor explores the way in which prisoners have sought to transform the conditions of their imprisonment and have their voices heard. Nayan Shah, Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity and History at the University of Southern California, considers the global history ofContinue reading “Thinking Allowed, Radio 4 interview”

2022 Young Criminologist Award

Dr Philippa Tomczak was delighted to receive the 2022 Young Criminologist Award from the European Society of Criminology in recognition of her research into prison safety.  She was presented with the award at the European Society of Criminology’s annual conference in September 2022 in Malaga, Spain.  As a result of this award, Philippa was subsequentlyContinue reading “2022 Young Criminologist Award”

Death in Prisons Conference, Oxford, 2/3 November 2022

The Death in Prison conference took place at the University of Oxford from 2nd – 3rd of November 2022. The conference aimed to work collaboratively on ways to visibilise and prevent prisoner deaths, with a focus on historical and international contexts. The event was attended by the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitraryContinue reading “Death in Prisons Conference, Oxford, 2/3 November 2022”